Pedicure in Barcelona

Where to go if you want to enjoy the first class pedicure in Barcelona? While visiting this jewel of the world urbanism, people want to have a little time for themselves and to enjoy all things that Barcelona can offer concerning welfare services. Our Mahash centre provides you with the access to such a relaxation during your vacation in the heart of the city and with premium services which correspond to your expectations.

When you have access to our centre located in the famous Passeig de Gracia, you’ll have the opportunity to demand one of our packages for feet care in Barcelona which include treatments focused to combine flawless aesthetics and truly successful experience resulting in inner well-being. Resources available to our qualified staff to provide an incomparable well-being include a bath with essences, an exfoliation with essential oils or a massage with organic creams.

Pedicure service expected to be in Barcelona

We managed to provide people with the best pedicure in Barcelona, because we seek to combine the most effective and beneficial natural products for this specific aspect. You can trust the Mahash team to enjoy services that will have a positive impact on health of this body part which good condition is so important for the daily well-being. Do not miss one of the best experience of relax, health and aesthetics during your visit and remember that we have an excellent manicure in Barcelona; and all this is located in a really comfortable access area.


  • Pedicure MAHASH DANCING FEET + Fedua Semi Permanent polish

    Complete pedicure procedure. Semipermanent FEDUA Nail polish included.

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  • Pedicure MAHASH DANCING FEET + Fedua Nail Polish

    Complex foot care begins with a relaxing bath based on menthol, bay and mint, instantly relieve fatigue and swelling. Then there is followed a cooling exfoliation based on essential oils that gently takes care of smooth feet, or sugar vitamin MAHASH peeling rich by moisturizing ingredients. Complete the procedure with MAHASH organic cream. It is wonderful opportunity to look after the beauty of your feet, and just relax. Normal nail polish included.

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