• Pedicure MAHASH DANCING FEET + Fedua Semi Permanent polish

    Complete pedicure procedure. Semipermanent FEDUA Nail polish included.

  • Pedicure MAHASH DANCING FEET + Fedua Nail Polish

    Complex foot care begins with a relaxing bath based on menthol, bay and mint, instantly relieve fatigue and swelling. Then there is followed a cooling exfoliation based on essential oils that gently takes care of smooth feet, or sugar vitamin MAHASH peeling rich by moisturizing ingredients. Complete the procedure with MAHASH organic cream. It is wonderful opportunity to look after the beauty of your feet, and just relax. Normal nail polish included.



The pedicure with MAHASH is the beauty of your feet, a perfect way to cope with excessive stress and strain, to detox your body or just to bring a bit of pleasure to your day. Our therapists will offer you amazing fragrant formulas based on mint and eucalyptus essential oils to refresh your tired skin and the entire body. After that, we will recommend you certain peelings and creams, which fill your skin with life energy and beauty, and help to restore the balance and harmony of mind. MAHASH pedicure is an absolutely safe procedure; it includes our original method of cuticle care with disposable MAHASH nail files to remove cuticles without metal tools. Our experts have many years of experience; an excellent result of our original technologies of nail filing will last up to four weeks. As a special complement, our therapists will offer you an original PURE TOUCH foot massage based on oriental practices of regaining the internal strength, which will fill you with energy and tone up your body. Warm compress and massage normalize capillary blood flow, remove tiredness and swelling, and give your feet a wonderful light feeling. Our spa care products with fruit acids of Centella Asiatica and wintergreen oil remove horned skin on feet in a very careful and effective way without aggressive exfoliation. Light MAHASH feet creams absorb instantly, delicately refresh your skin, and restore pH and lipid balance. During your pedicure procedure, enjoy every minute of our spa rituals to feel its healing influence on your entire body. Our experts know that it is the best way to deal with stress and fatigue.